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About Mix-Tape App


Nostalgic mixtapes for sharing music are missing from the new streaming music experience.

Over 400M people use a music streaming service and yet, they cannot share music/podcasts in a personalized and customizable way, but that is exactly what they want to do.



Compose, Send, & Listen!

  • Simple and Intuitive: Add music or podcasts from every music service within the Mix-Tape app.
  • Send to friends from your contact list.
  •  Add custom Mix-Tape Artwork
  • Add a text message about your Mix-Tape
  • Add a personalized voice recording to go with your Mix-Tape


Why Now

Music is the universal language that connects people across borders, political parties, cultures and brings us together verses dividing us with the negativity we are constantly bombarded with in the digital age.

This app is fun, creative, interactive, and reconnects us all to our carefree, giving and fun-loving selves. Let’s help empower society by sharing music through the next revolution. — Social Music™ App with Mix-Tape.


Social Media GIANTS!

2004 – Facebook – Posts – 2.7 Billion Users

2005 – YouTube – Videos – 2 Billion Users

2006 – Twitter – Tweets – 330 Million Users

2010 – Instagram – Pics – 1 Billion Users

What’s the next phenomenon? Social Music™!

Mix-Tape allows you to curate, personalize and share your favorite songs on the next social media craze that’s currently backed by Apple.

 2020 – Welcome to Mix-Tape!