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Are Nostalgic Mixtapes Gone Forever?

Nostalgic mixtapes for sharing music are missing from the new streaming music experience. Over 400M people use a music streaming service and yet, they cannot share music/podcasts in a customizable way, but they want to-this is why the Mix-Tape App was created.

Download Mix Tap Sharing App

Story Behind the Mix-Tape App:

Being in the music industry before AND after the advent of the digital music age, I witnessed a huge drop in what I was making as well as countless other musicians made from music sales. 

Many of us blamed labels, marketing teams, illegal downloading sites, but the only thing that changed was technology.

When music went digital, the music industry, as a whole, was not prepared for this major shift. Recently, there has been another change in how music is distributed with streaming services which is impacting artists financially once again.

We can fight technology or use it to our advantage. I see this as a positive, because now music can be dispersed globally instantly. 

I created the Mix-Tape App to ensure that music is continually being shared through legal channels while paying the talented artists that have and continue to create these musical masterpieces. 

Mix-Tape allows you to create a personalized playlist, add in a voice recording, personal message and amazing artwork to hit all senses, aside from taste and smell…still working on that piece, and share these songs with friends, family, or that secret crush.

Go to www.applemixtape.com from your Apple device, download the app, invite your friends to join and start sharing music. Use the technology within Mix-Tape to help realign or course correct the music industry and have a blast doing it with Social Music™ App.

Thank you and never forget that music truly saves lives. – Isaac Ellsworth , Co-Founder

Unlock Your Creativity!

Want to be a part of the next phenomenon, Social Music? Then do it! Mix-Tape allows you to curate, personalize and share your favorite songs on the next craze that’s currently backed by Apple.


21st Century Tech Means 21st Century FAQs!

Don’t see your question here? Contact us with the button below, we have a team always on standby for you!

Do I Need Apple Music?

Yes, you sure do, but if you don’t have it, do not worry. You get 90 days free of Apple Music through the Mix-Tape app. 

Is The Mix-Tape App Free?

It sure is, all we ask is you share with your friends and listen to as much music and podcasts as possible.

Can I Upload My Own Music?

Unfortunately, no, but there are many great companies that allow you to put your amazing music on Apple Music. 

How Many Mix-Tapes Can I Send at Once?

How many contacts do you have in your phone? That would be the magic number. One caveat is, they have to have the Mix-Tape App too.

Will Spotify be on Mix-Tape?

Rumor has it that there will be multiple music and podcast libraries in the near future.

Which Devices Work w/ Mix-Tape?

iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches, basically all Apple devices that connect to the App Store. Maybe Macs soon too!

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