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Mix Tape Sharing App

Last Minute Gift Plan from Fastcompany.com

Allow us to solve your I-don’t-have-a-present-yet situation: Make a (free!) mixtape, courtesy of Apple’s new Mix-Tape app. It’s just like 1995, but with less cursing and re-spooling…

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Mix Tape Sharing App

Mixtapes for your bears from Bearworldmag.com

For a few years now, it has felt like fashion and pop culture is taking so much inspiration from the 1980s and 1990s. As many say, what goes around definitely comes back around again! Now, there’s a new app that allows you to make mix-tapes for your favorite Bears….

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Mix Tape Sharing App

Best Mixtape Creator from Techwibe.com

No matter whether you love music or not, there comes a time when you want to impress your loved ones by mixing up your own words with suitable songs….

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Mix Tape Sharing App

Exciting New iOS App from Businessinsider.com

New iOS app, Mix-Tape, brings together the best of Apple Music, WhatsApp, Twitter, and Instagram to deliver custom Mix-Tapes to lovers, friends, and even the general public….

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What People Are Saying

Ronny Jay

Living old school in the new school

Yes! Now I can make mix tapes like in the “old” days and send to friends without having to record them off the radio! Also being able to send a voice memo to them as well as custom artwork for the playlist is sweet! This would be awesome to sync up with Facebook to share with friends too! Possibilities!


Is it 1980 and Am I on a Road-trip on Route 66?

I feel like Star Trek just collided with MC Hammer and I am now Back to the Future! I have the fondest memories of compiling my favorite road trip songs, break up songs, best friend mixed tape and the ultimate disco dance tunes all on a cassette. I miss those days when you could gift someone something from the heart. This App is fantastic it is the best of memories combined with the expediency of an App. Love this. Can not wait to do my Christmas giving with heartfelt meaning starting with a Muse , Morrisette and Modest Mouse compilation .


Do you like music and nostalgia? Look no further

Super fun app. Brings me back to the days of making track mixes on my cassette player. Apple Music has such a massive library that I can use just about any song I want. The recent improvements are great. I appreciate a dev team who listens to user feedback.

Rosalee Collins

This is the best

I can make a playlist of my favorites, and that's the best thing I've done these past few months. My friend and I use this constantly. I am finding all sorts of new bands.